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Make the sun work for you!

Solar Panel Installations Including Battery Storage

Why not enhance the power of the sun for your benefit and choose from a wide variety of solar panel installations in Shropshire and the West Midlands. Albright Electrical can help you choose the right solution for you and help you gain the power from the sun.

Installing Solar Panels

There has been an increase in investments in Solar PV in recent years, as consumers are more aware of the benefits of these systems and concern grows for our carbon footprint. A solar panel system also offers protection against rising energy prices.

Having a Solar Panel system generating on your roof not only creates free electricity that is free for you to use during the day, or if fitted with batteries during the night also!


We work closely with our clients, whether it is on your home or business, and engage in a consultation & survey procedure to offer the most appropriate Solar panel system for your needs. We have a vast portfolio of installed systems across many different buildings and ground mount solutions including homes, sports clubs, warehouses, offices and retail units.

  • How does Solar Panel or Photovoltaic (PV) technology work?
    The Photovoltaic solar panel cells are usually made of a semi-conducting material. The Solar panels create electricity when photons (found in daylight) react which electrons (found in the semi conducting material). Put simply, solar photovoltaic (PV) cells capture light energy from the sun - converting it to electrical energy in a clean and sustainable way. The amount of energy each solar panel cell generates in direct sunlight is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). The electricity can then be used for the property with any surplus being sold back to the national grid under the "Smart Export Guarantee scheme" (SEG).
  • How much will it cost?
    The costs depend on the size of the system that is suitable for your property, the nature of the install and the product brand that you decide to use. Prices for any install will be broken down and explained after a FREE no obligation consultation. Speak with our advisers for estimated costs and to arrange a survey.
  • Do I need planning permission?
    Planning permission is dependent on the premises and the nature of the installation. Listed or protected buildings require consent from the local authority. Solar Panel systems above installed capacity of 3.6kW (or 3.6kW per phase for three-phase) will need permission from the DNO (District Network Operator). The installed capacity is the size of the inverter(s) not the capacity of the panels; a typical domestic 4kWp system will use a 3.6kW inverter. Albright Electrical will discover whether a property is subject to planning permission and apply on the client's behalf.
  • How much will I save?
    The amount of savings depends on the cost of electricity and future rates of inflation. Albright Electrical will use authorised methods to scientifically predict the amount of energy that can be generated through your Solar Panel system. These figures will be presented against the current cost of electricity, how much could potentially be saved and how much could be earned by exporting energy. A detailed proposal will be provided with the quotation .
  • England doesn't have many sunny days. Would the Solar Panel system still work?
    Yes. The solar panel system will work even on overcast and winter days. On sunny days the solar panel system will simply generate slightly more electricity. Our comprehensive design will accurately forecast system generation based on the precise location in the UK.
  • Are batteries worth installing?
    Batteries although an expensive component generally bring down the payback period of any system. This is due to the fact they store energy that's not used in the property whilst the system is generating. It will then be used at peak times or during the night time, further reducing your energy use. Batteries can be fitted to an existing system using an AC coupled type inverter. If your system is exporting energy, why let it go back to the grid, when it can be used in your own house to reduce your bills further?

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